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The Walk



Phenomena Labs provided FX Development for the claim-up sequence of "The Walk" in collaboration with Atomic Fiction Studios. "Do you know that moment when your body fills with adrenaline when you do an extreme sport like surfing or racing cars, when the whole world disappears and only you and what you are doing are left?" Director Robert Zemeckis & VFX Sup Kevin Blaine, described that moment they wanted to achieve with 3D Atmospherics simulation on the rooftop of Manhattan's world trade center.

"Phenomena Labs were involved by leading the charge on this effect, Developing a Procedural generative Volumetric Shader in that generates 4 layers of 4D volumetirc noise. The shader was carefully tuned to create large pockets of clouds based on fractal algorithms and Mathematical functions within the shader. The unique render-time generative approached, allowed us to control the speed of which the clouds and atmospherics moves in each shot of the sequence, tune the amounts, speeds and light scattering throughout the 13 shots of the sequence.

The end result has really captured the peak moment of the film when Philip takes his first steps on the wire, and separates the audience from views of New York City for a few moments and brings them back into it with a whole new perspective.